Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slum dog a passing thought

The media hype over Oscar is again reflection of our colonial mindset. A R Rahman is undoubtedly one of the best musicians we ever had and to be fair to Rahman himself, Slumdog is not his best work. But his association with a " white " man gave him the Oscar. If work was all people at OSCARS looked at Rahman should have got OSCAR 10 years ago. Now media, public and everyone stop pretending Slumdog .. as an Indian movie. If Lagan or Tare Zameen Par had got the Oscar then there was point in celebration. Now here is a clue to Aamir Khan- Take a white producer and director when you produce your next movie.   


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  2. Oscars are always by and for the Westerners. I think we should stop anticipating and hoping that our films should win an oscar. We should have our own Academy awards, probably take the system which is used to decide Oscars and create a new benchmark in awards which is totally free politically as compared to the present NATIONAL AWARDS.
    This in some way may definitely stop our craving for the Elusive OSCAR!!!


  3. Wow!!!! what a thought, here is one comment, i feel these award given to Indian movie is more of a politic gimmicks by Obama!!!!

    First he stopped passing the bill for $65b rememdy to pakistan, now he makes indian cheer for him, US need more support from India!!!!!

  4. hmm..
    Well, i agree with you that , " Slumdog .." is deifnitely not A R Rehman's best ! But , i am really happy that he got the Academy Award .

  5. HI

    Good to see ur blog. Views are very much in line with the sentiments of most Indians, but let us also rejoice in the fact that Rahman has at last got recognition for his work. It is a dream for any performer to be recognized at international level, it may be any forum. They could have easily selected some one else for the categories that Rahman got awards and maintained their attitude towards Indian music, but Rahman forced them to accept that there is more to his music than nationality and finally they succumbed may be the film was wrong. Similarly, there are so many who feel cheated of an Oscar or any other award inspite of their excellent work at national or international level.