Monday, May 28, 2012

Aamir Khan and SMJ

Dear Aamir Khan,
I cldn't watch your programme(sic) because i was working on a Sunday because a am in the lousy profession(as you want to portray) called medicine and happen to be in money making business!! 
I have a few doubts. No i give up, will not defend myself and my profession!!

1. Are you working for free in your movies? Heard that you charge Rs15 crores per movie! In a country where 70% population earn and live with less than Rs 28/- per day you are doing charity by working for so less! You may ask how it effects poor! If people like you charged less them movies ticket wld be priced at Rs 5/- and the money saved would have gone to feed hungry stomachs at home. Now dn't tell movies are a luxury. Now for a common man movies are the only entertainment in his life after a hard days work. He doesn't own a home theatre like you or your friends. Olden days heroes were working for less and common man was able to afford it!
2. You ditched your wife of almost 20 years who left her family and may be religion(?) and had babies for you! Is it right on your part to ditch for people including your kids for another young lady! Again personal issues of people who are in public life are important as large people tend to follow you, literally!
3. I heard that you and your wife had a surrogate baby! My god. You have exploited a womb of a poor women to get a baby and i hear that usually money changes hands in such deals! where was your #SMJ. Dnt think this is a personal issue. This is like buying a kidney (stealing) from a poor man. Now dnt tell me you have taken care of that women blah blah.
4. I saw you watching world cup final match from Wankhede stadium! All izz well!!! Good. Did you pay for tickets? how did you manage tickets? Don't tell me you were Ambani's guest! Well, You know he is the richest guy in India and he made all money by charity! You know to make a lot of money you have to exploit lots of people and even at the cost of state. You were proud to share stage with a man who blew away only Rs 5000 crore on his small(!) house in Mumbai!
5. Are you doing #SMJ free of cost?? What about your sponsors. Have you done due diligence and cleared them of all "doctor" like practices. 

I have many more doubts, but will reserve it for a later date! we dn't want to make our kids docs. I hope they will be in very ethical field like movies, business so that they can live without exploiting the poor people of this country!! 

Yours Sincerely

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